What can Total NDT do for you and your business

Non Destructive Testing Services

Total is here to provide experienced technician in all areas for your needs. Each technician is certified as a minimum to SNT-TC-1A and ready and willing to meet your demands.

Industries Served

Oil and Gas

The Texas area much like other parts of the country is covered with oil and gas. Whether it's pipeline radiography, magnetic particle of a weld over sleeve, or dye penetrant of a socket weld, Total NDT has you covered. 


Oil Refineries lose millions of dollars when they are not up and running. The Total NDT team can help minimize downtime working with refinery personnel during shutdowns and emergency repairs. We can plan inspections so you can return to operation as soon as possible. 

Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry is heavily supplied by steam and high pressure. Total can provide the data and corrosion rate to prolong the life of your facility. 

Chemical Plants

Harsh corrosive and abrasive materials can play havoc on your piping systems. Profile radiography thru insulation may be your answer before a failure is to late. 

Power Plants

Without steam in the boiler the power can't be generated. Total will provide all aspects needed for your plant to continue operation. UT data in the boiler to mag particle on the turbine blades. 



Fab and Machine Shops

It all starts in the fab and machine shops. From here, conception of the vessel or fitting is a crucial part. So have the peace of mind knowing what you built is safe and will last a lifetime.