Our Mission Statement

Here at Total NDT our goal is to provide non-destructive testing to an array of sectors from energy to food industries. Total NDT gives the highest level of quality, customer service, and safety on every task. Total prides itself doing it right the first time every time. We will provide a safer environment giving our customer the peace of mind by inspecting their components in a safe, reliable, cost effective manner without causing damage to the equipment or shutting down the operations of the plant.  



By using Total NDT you are choosing a company with a proven record of reliable service. Each of our employees take pride in their work giving you the repeadibility of inspection with integrity. Our knowledge of codes and standards make sure that you are getting the quality you deserve. 


We continue to train and invest in each and every employee from their hire date to advance them in the industry. Each of our technicians are trained to a minimum of ASNT SNT-TC 1A to meet your needs. 



We represent "NDE Excellence"



Total NDT is establishing itself as a leader in the non destructive testing industry. We are committed to providing reliable and repeatable high quality work. Total is here to provide traditional and advanced methods of NDE. 
With Total NDT you can expect:
  • Experienced and well trained technicians
  • 24 hour availability
  • Quick reliable response
  • Quick turnaround on your reports
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Member of ISN network 
 By choosing Total NDT you are choosing top quality, excellent safety protocol, and integrity that last.







Safety Core Value

We believe all employees and customers have to work effectively to put safety first. We long to be a safe working force with design programs for all potential challenges. 




"Safety is our #1 Proirity"


Our Goals

  • no one gets hurt
  • no enviormental damage
  • enhance our business through continous improvement of HSE
  • world class HSE performance


Our employees are trained inhouse and through outside agencies for meeting high safety standards which comply with all regulations from the state as well as customer specifications. We belong to mutiple agencies consisting of ISNetworld, Veriforce, Browz, and more.  Your people and our people are the number one priority.